Tacos – Salmon Tacos

I recently discovered a recipe for Salmon Tacos — I HAD to try it.  I really had been thinking and dreaming about taco flavors — This sounded like the perfect recipe/inspiration.

Furthermore, I had a wonderful new Serving Tray that I had picked up at the recent St. Croix Pottery Tour — I wanted to see tacos lined up, looking yummy, on my new Tray!!

The Food — Salmon Tacos:

I admit — I’ve never had a Fish Taco.  (I love tacos; I’ve just always opted for chicken or beef).  This recipe for Salmon Tacos finally pushed me over the edge — And what a wonderful, tasty, delicious adventure!!

I made a spicey ‘paste’ for marinating the Salmon, then carefully grilled (roasted) in our kettle grill.  The Salmon was absolutely perfect, divine — Moist, smokey, just-right spicey!

I couldn’t wait to break the Salmon into ‘chunks’ and fill Tortillas with Lettuce, Mango Salsa, a bit of Cilantro, and crumbled Feta Cheese.  Every bite was a burst of flavor!!

And the Salmon was soooooo delish — I’m sure it would be wonderful on its own as an entree.  I’ve included the Recipe on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Wood Fired Serving Tray

I’m delighted to be serving Tacos on a new rectangular Serving Tray, made by Colorado Artist, Jim Lorio — I LOVE the very hand-built statement of the soft, folded-over edges, the ‘corduroy’ interior, and the very special wood fired spots!!  All so rustic but comfortable!!

I really enjoyed meeting Jim and Meg last month at the St. Croix Pottery Tour — Jim’s work ranges from rustic wood fired pieces, to quiet, silky porcelain plates and bowls and baking pots.  His Wood Fired Tray provided the perfect presentation for the Salmon Tacos!!

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