New Kiln – Almost….

We’ve been working on the new Soda Kiln at Edina Art Center.  Donovan Palmquist and crew have been doing a fantastic job.  We’re almost done — Expect to load for a first-firing next week.  In the meantime, picking up from my previous post, here is the experience so far….

Day Four – Walls and Chimney:

The Floor was completed with a second layer of brick.  Time to start on the Walls, the flu-box, and the Chimney.  Every brick carefully placed, tamped, and absolutely leveled!!  I was so fascinated with the tediousness — They invited me to mix up my own batch of mortar and start laying brick as well!!  We enjoyed a fruit platter — Cantalope and Strawberries!

Day Five – More Walls and Chimney:

Still working on the Walls (and Chimney)!  And I had fun laying more brick (and also scrubbing all the mortar off).  Closed out the week with a batch of fresh-baked Brownies!

Days Six through Ten:

This second week was much more chaotic (and yucky/dusty and even rainy) — Impossible to bring in food.  We had additional workers in a very crowded space.  It was NOT a food week.  However, we got plenty of work done….

The Arch — Once the walls were complete, a form was built for supporting the bricks for the Arch.  Then, like magic, the first layer of arch-brick was in place!

The Doorway — Next, the Arch above the ‘doorway’ was completed.  Definitely becoming a good-looking kiln!!

The AWESOME Door — We have an absolutely AWESOME door!!  Attached with welded steel, lined with special insulating brick, it both swings and pivots — Amazing/Awesome!!  And after clean-up, a mini-celebration with Carrot/Date Cake Bites with Cream Cheese Topping.

Finally — Nearly Done:

It’s been a great experience — I love what I’ve learned about kilns, and different types of brick, and kiln-related firing issues.  Can’t wait for a first firing!!  Donovan is finishing up on the gas piping and burners; we still need to build the Bag-Walls inside the kiln.  Then we FIRE!?!

And if you’re considering building a kiln (or maybe a pizza oven), Donovan Palmquist is Master Kiln Builders at Web Site —

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