Old Kiln – New Kiln

A NEW Kiln for soda firing!!  I’ve been soda firing for the past several years at Edina Art Center.  After over 200 firings, the soda kiln was crumbling, literally.  Time for the Kiln-building crew, headed by Donovan Palmquist.  I’ve been helping out all week — First, two days of bashing the old kiln (and stacking a lot of bricks).  Now, we’ve finally started building the new kiln.  I thought I would document the experience here, along with the foods I’ve been bringing in each day (I have to make a ‘food story’ out of this).

Day One:  Demolition

With our handy mallets and sledge hammer, we made short work of the kiln — Stacking the bricks that were still in decent shape; saving the others for a garden walkway.  We also made short work of my Banana-Apricot Bread.

Day Two:  More Demolition

We stacked more and more bricks — Old bricks, new bricks, hard brick, soft brick.  We needed to cut the metal frame from the old kiln.  And we enjoyed a quick snack of Tomato-Mozzarella Capreze Sticks with tasty Basil Pesto.

Day Three:  Building the Floor

We finally started placing block for the base — Donovan carefully checking that everything is level. 

And after finding a ‘bag-ful’ of morel mushrooms the previous day, I made a Leek and Morel Quiche with Italian Mountain Cheese.  We ‘served’ it on the first layer of floor brick — It disappeared!

That’s it for the first three days of kiln-building — Ultimately, we placed all three layers of floor brick.

This exciting story to be continued in next Post!


2 thoughts on “Old Kiln – New Kiln

  1. Marcia thanks for the wonderful pictures and yummy food and your time helping with the kiln building. We will all benefit and enjoy this new kiln- and have satisfied tummys 🙂

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