Spring Arts Tour — Soon!!

Wow — I can’t believe it’s actually/almost Spring.  We really had a long, difficult-to-get-around Winter.  We still have patches of snow throughout our forest — But we’re getting warmer temperatures, and most importantly, my frogs are out!!  I LOVE the sound of my frogs — They ROAR from every pond and puddle.  Sometimes they hop right into my pots….

Studio Arts Tour:

And with the arrival of Spring, I am frantically getting ready for the Lake Minnetonka Arts Tour!!  The first weekend of May — That’s only three weeks away!

I’ll be opening my home and studio, and showing my latest work (and offering some tasty refreshments).  I am hosting two Guest Artists — Suzanne Thiesfeld (delightful paintings on found objects) and Cheryl Shohet (jewelry).  The entire Tour includes 26 Artist Studios and over 50 Artists.

It’s always a FUN (artsy) event!!  If you’re in the Twin Cities, mark your calendar — I’d love to have you stop by!!  In the meantime, you can check out the Tour Web Site — www.LakeMtkaArtsTour.org

And, finally, I’m sharing something Spring-ful — Tulips and daffodils in a favorite wood fired Pitcher/Vase.  Happy Spring!!


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