Who / What ???

Time for another Quiz-of-the-Month….

WHO is the Artist?  WHAT is the Item?

Who is the Artist:  A small bowl — Soft, light yellow with silky greenish bands.  Delightful to hold; perfect for condiments (for a curry?), or a small dish of ice cream!!  Can you guess — WHO is the Artist??  Hint:  A Minnesota (woodfire) Artist.

What is the Item:  The Item, obviously, is a Pear.  What ‘kind’ of Pear?  Rather silly looking, with its elongated, bent-over snout.  Can you guess — WHAT is the Item??  Hint:  I had to look this one up on the Web.


First, the Item:  I just recently discovered this Pear — Known as Abate Fetel.  I found these at my local Co-Op — I had to buy a few, and checked them out on the Web as soon as I got home.  Apparently, these are a traditional Italian Pear, originally cultivated by monks (several centuries ago).  They’re quite tasty — Similar to d’Anjou Pears.  Delicious with a slice of Italian cheese (Pecorino Toscano?).

I think they have such an unexpected, amusing look — Like sea-lions at the beach.  My husband dubbed this photo — ‘Three Pears Waiting for a Bus’.

Next, the Artist:  The small bowl — Made by Minnesota Artist, Linda Christianson.  Linda is known for her lovely, thoughtful wood fired work.  Visually engaging, always wonderful to hold and use.  To me, her work offers such an honest, comfortable ‘country’ look — Perfect for my farm in Wisconsin!

Linda Christianson is one of the Host Artists with the St. Croix Pottery Tour held every May — www.MinnesotaPotters.com

Again — Hope you enjoyed Quiz-of-the-Month!

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