Mediterranean Seafood Stew

Throughout this never-ending Winter (I know it’s Spring, but we still have so much snow), I’ve been making quite a few bowls.  Sets of bowls, one-of-a-kind bowls, soup bowls, Japanese noodle bowls, rice bowls, pasta bowls, wheel-thrown bowls, salad bowls, hand-built bowls, baking bowls.  When it comes to throwing pots on the wheel, bowls will forever be my comfort spot.

With so many new bowls swirling into my life — I’ve been making more and more soups.  I just made a really wonderful light but hearty Seafood Stew — Delightful Mediterranean flavors of tomato and fennel, with hints of orange and rosemary.

The Food — Mediterranean Seafood Stew:

A lovely, light-but-satisfying Seafood dish — And quite easy to make.  Starting with sauteed fennel and onion, plenty of broth and tomato, then chickpeas, white beans and zucchini slices.  For the seafood, I used chunks of halibut — Halibut holds up well in this dish (even for leftovers).  All wonderfully flavored with rosemary and orange zest.  Great for any season — And it adds a bit of sunshine to our long-lasting Winter.

Recipe included on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Maasha Soup Set

I’m serving the Seafood Stew in one of my new Maasha Bowls — Stoneware, stoney slips (white and gold) with ash glaze.  The bowl coordinates smartly with one of my carved-rim plates, which provides plenty of room for some wonderful toasty bread.  Together, a sunny Plate-and-Bowl Set — Perfect for my chunky, full-of-good-stuff Seafood Stew.


One thought on “Mediterranean Seafood Stew

  1. This soup and it’s presentation is so scrumptious, I can almost smell and taste it by looking at the picture and reading the description!

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