Dine-With-Friends — Salmon Dinner

It’s always fun to get together and dine with friends!!

I am launching a new feature on my Blog — I’m calling it Dine-With-Friends (catchy title).

Concept:  Every few months, I plan to invite a few Pottery-Friends for dinner, (or brunch, or dessert, or something involving food).  I will plan the menu and prepare the food; friends will  bring their own pottery —  plates/bowls/etc.  Together we will arrange and photograph; then we will DINE!!  And I will feature the event here on my Blog!!

In other words, it’s an excuse to invite friends over; and have a great time dining/eating!!

For my very first Dine-With-Friends, I invited two special Pottery-Friends (and spouses) — Marion Angelica and Julie Timm.  To start us off on a festive note, Marion brought a Vase with lovely flowers – Handbuilt, porcelain with her dark blue glaze highlighting her textures.

The Food — Salmon Dinner:

First, the Asian-Fusion Menu….

Scallop/Spinach Dumplings with Coconut/Basil Sauce
Salmon with Veggies in Spicy Sake Reduction
Black Forbidden Rice  /  Snow Peas with Shiitake

Mango Tart with Raspberry Drizzle

I’ve included Recipes on my Recipe Page (MangoTart already included under ‘Pear Tart’).

The Pottery — Marion Angelica and Julie Timm

For the Appetizer of Scallop/Spinach Dumplings, Marion brought a lovely, long tray — Handbuilt, porcelain with an Amber Celadon Glaze.  Stunning and dramatic — I’m really glad Marion brought the tray!  And everyone LOVED the Dumplings (on various small plates)!

Stephan, Julie’s husband, prepared a wonderful Salad with a tasty Miso Dressing.  It looked absolutely stunning, with greens, asparagus stalks, orange wedges and enoki mushrooms — In a dark, intriging, geometric Bowl made by Julie.

We definitely had fun with the Entree — A very special Salmon with a Veggie Topping in Spicy Sake Reduction, (Also, Black Forbidden Rice and Snow Peas).

Julie arranged her Entree on one of her Dinner Plates — Handbuilt, stoneware with a geometric glaze treatment.  The Salmon, bright Veggie Topping, and even the Black Rice displayed wonderfully.

Marion arranged her Entree on one of her very handbuilt Dinner Plates — Porcelain strips creating an interesting ‘rim’; strong texture, all with a Tenmoku Glaze.  For the arrangement, she included some slices of mango.

Finally, we actually had two Desserts — A Mango Tart with Raspberry Drizzle, and also, a Lemon/Ginger Mousse.

Julie had fun arranging both desserts in two different small bowls that she brought.  She arranged a chunk of Mango Tart (with Raspberry Drizzle) in a special squared bowl; she chose a three-pointed bowl for the silky Lemon Mousse sprinkled with Candied Ginger.

And that was our Dinner!  We all had fun arranging each course — And dining together!!  A major THANK YOU to my husband, Bob, the Photo-Guy.  I will definitely do this again — Inviting Pottery-Friends for Food and Photos.

Do visit Web Sites for Marion and Julie….

Marion – www.MarionAngelica.com

Julie – www.FreshMudPottery.com

4 thoughts on “Dine-With-Friends — Salmon Dinner

  1. I’m home with a cold and finally had time to look at sites I bookmarked. What a great site. I love it. I have some shots of your work from Mtka art center holiday show. I’ll e-mail them to you,

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