Potters – Caring About Japan

I need to share my thoughts — The recent multiple catastrophes in Japan are truly overwhelming.  I am stunned and so very saddened — So many reports and images of destruction and loss.

My first husband was Japanese (third generation in America).  My oldest son, Geoff, lives in Japan.  I want to thank so many friends who have called and emailed asking about him.  He is  fine; he lives at the far opposite corner of Japan, unaffected by the earthquake and tsunami.

I always love visiting Japan; I have bicycled Japan — Through the countryside, along the coast.  I have visited relatives; I have been a guest in their 400-year-old farmhouses.  And I associate Japan with my love of clay; the underlying inspiration in nearly everything I create.

Pottery Auction:

I have learned that a group of Japanese (and American) Potters, calling themselves Handmade For Japan, will be holding an auction on eBay next week.  All funds from the auction to be donated to Global Giving — Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

You can visit Handmade For Japan on Facebook to view some very lovely ceramic work by a number of WONDERFUL ARTISTS.  Here are Links:




Finally, in spite of the tragic images, the destruction and devastation — I need to share something simple and lovely and unbroken.

For hope, for recovery, for so many who have lost so much.

Twist-Vase made at a workshop with Japanese Artist, Shozo Michikawa.


2 thoughts on “Potters – Caring About Japan

  1. My heart aches for the millions of people whose homes and sense of safety has been destroyed. I am praying throughout this day for the 50 nuclear power plant workers who stand between us and catastrophe.

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