Who / What ???

Time for another Quiz-of-the-Month….

WHO is the Artist?  WHAT is the Item?

Who is the Artist:  A small bowl — Porcelain, beautifully carved leaf pattern through a darker clay (terra sigilatta); exquisite detail!!  Can you guess — WHO is the Artist??

Hint — A former Minnesota Artist (now in North Carolina).

What is the Item:  And the Item is a cluster of many small, white ball-shaped objects; actually, rather cute.  Can you guess — WHAT is the Item??

Hint – If you are a potter, not Wadding.


First, the Artist:  The small bowl — Made by former Minnesota Artist, Becky Lloyd.  Becky and husband, Steve, are both ceramic artists now living in North Carolina. Here is an example of both Becky and Steve’s work….

For a look at more of Becky’s lovely carved work, check out their Web Site.  www.LloydPottery.com

Next, the Item:  The white objects (easily guessed) are Mushrooms – Specifically, a cluster of Japanese Shimeji Mushrooms.  I was shopping at my Asian-Everything grocery store recently — The mushrooms were soooo cute, I couldn’t resist buying a package.  I decided to include them in a quick, really tasty, stir-fry of beef and asparagus (the Shimeji were a delightful addition)!

Further Explanation:  For anyone who is not a potter, here is a brief explanation of ‘wadding’.  Because I thought these Mushrooms look so much like a handful of wadding!!

Wadding is a special mixture of clays, rolled into small balls, applied to the bottom pots before they are fired.  Wadding is required in atmospheric firings (wood fire or soda/salt fire) – It is used to keep the pots from sticking to the kiln shelf. 

Again, hope you enjoyed Quiz-of-the-Month!

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