Quick and Easy Pesto Pizza

After a day of concentrated making, throwing, building and glazing pots, I need something easy for dinner – A quick and easy Pizza!  A quick and easy, tasty, cheesey Pizza!!

Quick and easy because I usually have all the ingredients on hand – Including a ready-made crust; including a batch of fresh Basil Pesto from my local CoOp.

The Food – Pesto Pizza

For my Pesto Pizza, I use a prepared crust (I use Boboli brand) and prepared Pesto.  For toppings, I sauté small bits of a wonderful smokey bacon (I use Neuske brand), then sliced Mushrooms.  I scatter on the Pesto-covered crust – Then top all with a few crumbles of Goat Cheese and, of course, a good, melty Mozzarella Cheese.  When it comes out of the oven, my husband slices into wedges (that’s his job) — We dine!

The Pottery — Maasha Platter and Plate

Maasha-Platter; Maasha Pizza Plate — Stoneware, hand built, reduction fired with stoney slips and ash glazes.

The entire Pizza fits beautifully on one of my wavy, hand-built Platters.  It doesn’t stay there long — Because we quickly grab our slices, place them on one of my perfectly sized Pizza Plates, and make short work of dinner.  We totally devour the entire Pizza (with a bite of Salad).

Note:  Actually, these are my stoney Sandwich/Salad plates that go with my stoney Soup Bowls. Together, they make a great ‘set’ — And the plates are perfect for Lunch, Breakfast, or PIZZA anytime!

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