More Snow – More Cocoa!!

It’s February.  We just got more snow this past week.  In fact, we got another 20 inches of gorgeous, light fluffy, sparkling snow!

Perfect winter scene for a cup of Cocoa (or afternoon coffee)!!  And perfect for sharing a few more Cups-in-my-Life — Specifically, cups and mugs made by artists and friends….

Left to Right:  A) Cup made by Wisconsin artist, Simon Levin — Gorgeous, stunning, wood fired.  B) Tall mug made by Minnesota artist, Sandra Shaughnessy — Soda fired, lively application of slips and glazes.

Left to Right:  A) Cup made by Minnesota artist, Jeff Oestreich — Angular form with geometric decoration.  B) A just-for-fun cup made by Minnesota artist, Julie Timm — Porcelain with whimsical fish decoration.

Left to Right:  A) Simplicity; a smaller cup in happy yellow-gold color made by Delores Fortuna, ceramic artist in northern Illinois.  B) Another wood fired cup made by Simon Levin — Slightly squared, with soft lovely statements of flame and ash.

Left to Right:  A) A taller mug that I acquired several years ago — Made by Michael Baxley, ceramic artist in Kansas City, Missouri.  Porcelain, slightly squared form.  B) Another just-for-fun mug made by Minnesota artist, Dawn Makarios — Wood fired, shino glaze with delightful ‘bird’ drawings.

Finally — Yummy cocoa in some playful mugs of my own — Maasha Mugs.  Soda fired, with slips and glazes.  Hope everyone is still enjoying winter.

Links —

For Jeff Oestreich and Simon Levin, keep the St. Croix Pottery Tour in mind….

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