Cars, Cupcakes, and Clay….

This past week, I had to face reality — I needed a new car.

I had been driving a ’97 Honda Odyssey (small mini-van) with 220,000 miles.  I loved my car — It fit me perfectly.  I was totally bonded with it; I wanted to be driving it forever!!  It was my rolling studio – It carried my clay, my pottery, our bicycles, our camping gear, kiln shelves, more pottery, so much crazy stuff!

It had been across the continent numerous times — California (Pacific Coast camping), Vancouver Island in Canada (camping and biking), Colorado (clay workshops), Idaho (biking), North Carolina (clay workshops), Florida for a Shuttle Launch (Astronaut relative), Arizona (NCECA/clay conference), many trips to my Farm in Wisconsin, and of course, it truly was my ‘rolling studio’ driving all over town.

But it suddenly developed an ailment that, with the mileage, we didn’t want to deal with (it was still very driveable).  We decided to retire my wonderful vehicle — And get a new one; another Honda; a happy Red CRV (Hondas seem to ‘fit’ me really well).

I now need to ‘welcome’ my new car into my life.  I need to introduce it to the stuff it will be hauling….

 – Clay and Glaze materials

 – My Bicycle (even though there’s still snow on the ground)

 – A few loose Pots to rattle around

 – A plate of Chocolate/Cream Cheese CupCakes (because that’s what I always make for our ‘trips’)

Now I’m set!  Welcome CRV – Welcome to a life of Clay (and cupcakes)!!

Anyone else feel that their vehicle is an integral part of their potting life??



6 thoughts on “Cars, Cupcakes, and Clay….

  1. OH yeah, my 2003 Subaru Forrester is my rolling house and studio too! When my car did what yours did, I had to make a decsion about a new car too! My friend, Jennie Chen, a sculptor from Manhatten did a “BIG STUFF” workshop in 2000, creating an angel that weighed at least 1500 pounds. It was constructed in 4 large sections, so large she could only fit two in her car at a time. She hauled sections of this beautiful sculpture from my home in Western PA back to Manhatten twice in her Subaru Forrester!! I was smitten with her Forrester from that point on. I have owned my 2003 Forrester for 8 years now- 221,000 miles. It has hauled kilns, wheels, clay, children, teaching supplies, and kayaks. We’ve even slept in it. I am very IDENTIFIED with “Sweet Rita”. A student of mine just bought her first Subaru this week and observed that Subaru owners are “artistic types and adventurous.” I told her, “welcome to the club!”

    • Hi Christy —
      WOW — Thanks for sharing! It’s amazing what our cars do for us!!
      And I didn’t even mention that on two separate occations, I hauled a treadle wheel (heavy, stone treadle wheel) for other potter-friends. I don’t think I can do that any more.
      Enjoyed your blog — I’m really into PEARS. I’ll probably be posting some soon — Marcia

  2. I had a Toyota 4-Runner 1987 model that I drove from the time I was 17 until I was into my mid 30’s . It had 280,000 + miles on it when it finally died on me on my way to see Sarah one weekend when she was in grad. school. That truck saw me through my early skateboarding days and well on into my pottery days. I could pack it to the max to get to a craft show, or load it up with clay materials from the supplier. I really miss it. I bought a used ’97 Toyota Tacoma 4 cylinder automatic to replace it and it’s just not the same for me.

    • Hi Ron — Thanks for sharing. Even with shiney new car, I know I’ll miss a lot of practical things about my older car. I’ll even miss its minor dings and wee spot of rust. And I know we’ll have a more difficult time fitting our bikes in….
      — Marcia

  3. While I’m not a potter who hauls clay, Jerry and I do haul all our musical instruments and stands, amps and monitors around. We gave up our Ford Econoline van with 267,000 miles last year. The year before that I was forced to give up my 20 year old Mazda RX7 (remember when we each bought our first Mazda’s some 37 years ago?) It’s like saying goodbye to a trusty old friend, and it doesn’t feel good, no matter how great the new friend is. Congratulations on the new purchase and I’m inspired to make those chocolate/cream cheese cupcakes again. Haven’t had them in years.

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