Who / What ???

I’m starting a new thing — Quiz-of-the-Month!

WHO is the Artist?  WHAT is the Item?

Who is the Artist:  I love this small, square dish — Small, but perfect!  Delightful glaze treatment.  (I picked it up at a garage sale a few years ago).  Can you guess?  WHO is the Artist?  Hint — A Minnesota Artist.

What is the Item:  The Item is a cube (two cubes) of food — Something quite flavorful.  Any ideas?  WHAT is the Item?   Hint — Not tofu.


I will not keep you in suspense any longer….

First, the Item:  The cubes are gourmet Marshmallows.  I haven’t had a marshmallow in many years — But these were quite heavenly.  I tried one in a cup of Hot Cocoa (sorry, no photo).  Then I whipped up a batch of Sweet Potato Bisque and plunked in the Marshmallow — Yummy!

And the Marshmallows would make GREAT S’mores, with chocolate and graham crackers!!

Now, the Artist:  The small, colorful, square dish (I love the dish) — Made by Minnesota Artist, Margaret Bohls.  And in her current work, I love the simplicity and rhythm of her hand-built trays.

Here is a Link to Margaret’s Web Site —  www.MargaretBohls.com 

Hope everyone enjoyed the first Quiz-of-the-Month!

3 thoughts on “Who / What ???

  1. Ron mentioned your blog so I found myself here! Love it. Love all the pots in use you show. And love the link with food and recipes. Great blog.

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