Just Ducky — Duck with Lentils

I love Duck; my husband loves Duck.  We both LOVE Duck!!

Duck and Lentils — I have a really tasty recipe for French Lentils as a wonderful accompaniment to Duck.  Perfect comfort-food dinner for the Winter-that-refuses-to-Quit!!

The Food — Roast Duck with French Lentils

The Duck is simple — I roast in the oven.  It turns out wonderful, sublime, tender, moist with crispy skin.  Wonderful, flavorful Roast Duck!!

The Lentil dish is the fun part.  Tiny French Lentils — Cooked till just tender.  Then drained and reheated with bits of smokey bacon, goat cheese with heavy cream, and fresh thyme.  Tasty, soooo tasty.  And absolutely perfect with the Roast Duck (and Butternut squash and Brussels sprouts).  A rich, but earthy winter meal.

And the Lentil leftovers make a wonderful Lentil Soup!  Simply reheat with broth, some onion and carrots — Yummy.  Recipe for French Lentils on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Suze Lindsay Plate

I’m serving Roast Duck with French Lentils on a delightful plate made by North Carolina Artist, Suze Lindsay.  Slab-built on a slight pedestal/foot — Surface treatment both geometric in pattern, but lively and animated.  I love the dramatic simplicity! And the Duck and Lentils dinner was totally, absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS on this plate!

Link to Suze Lindsay Web Site:  www.ForkMountainPottery.net


One thought on “Just Ducky — Duck with Lentils

  1. I’ve never cooked duck before. Roasting sounds pretty straight forward. Do you buy duck at the market or do you have a hunter friend?
    Great Suze dish!
    I am loving my bowl. I have to cook something good so I can post about it. It’s gotten used everyday since it arrived.

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