Winter Cheer….

Just sharing a bit of CHEER in the middle of Winter….

Tree Photo:

My husband actually shot this tree last winter, a year ago (also, very snowy).  I like the tree; I like the photo; I’m sharing.

Small Vase with Flowers:

Several vases, actually….  I am cheering myself with tiny Flower Arrangements in several small Maasha Vessels.  I call them ‘Bubble’ Vases — Wheel-thrown, soda fired with slips and glazes. 

I hope this has added a bit of WINTER CHEER for everyone!!

One thought on “Winter Cheer….

  1. beautiful photos – I thought I was tired of winter but then Saturday it snowed a light, big flaked snow of about 4-5 inches. I was out in it (shoveling a previous layer of ice and snow) and got covered in the stuff. Reminded me of my childhood in Michigan. Okay, that was enough – I am ready for Spring now.

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