Pottery GiveAway — Winners!

Announcing the Winners!  Yes, SEVERAL Winners!!

For my recent Blog-Anniversary GiveAway, I asked Blog-Readers to submit Comments.  I received quite a few comments — I loved hearing from everyone.  I so appreciate all the words of interest and encouragement!!

I collected all the submissions (names) in a favorite  large vessel, made by Chuck Solberg.  My five-year-old nephew drew the names.  He was having so much fun, I let him draw a few more names as Runner-Up Winners.

And the top Winner is Ron Philbeck, a Potter in North Carolina!!  Ron wins a Maasha Bowl with Goodies!!  Ron’s work is delightful — Link to his Web Site is listed below.

The Runners-Up are Gail Laughlin, in Pennsylvania, and Brenda Pierce, in Minnesota.  Runners-Up win a single Maasha Bowl.

CONGRATULATIONS to all three Winners!

And Thank-You, Thank-You to EVERYONE — For all your comments, for your interest in pottery and food!!  This was so much FUN — I plan to hold another GiveAway (in a few months?) so stay tuned….

 And one more photo — Showing the pot I used for drawing the names….

Made by Minnesota Artist, Chuck Solberg — Wheel thrown, cut and re-assembled.  Chuck creates work with such a strong sense of volume and profile.  He often wood fires these, but my husband really liked the black glaze treatment.  It was perfect for the ‘drawing’, and it certainly holds a lot of tangerines!!

Links (also on my BlogRoll)….

    Ron Philbeck – www.RonPhilbeckPottery.com

    Chuck Solberg – www.SolbergPottery.com

Again — Thank You EVERYONE for your comments!!

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