Snowy Day – French Toast

Just another snowy day in Minnesota.  Yes, I realize major snow has fallen in so many parts of the Country….

But here in Minnesota, it never stops — We’re getting light snows nearly every day.  I thought a fire in the fireplace and a tasty breakfast of French Toast and Berries (on a favorite plate) would be just cozy/nice.

The Food — French Toast with Berries:

During the winter, I like to make French Toast with already-prepared EggNog (the stuff you buy in a carton at the store) — So EASY and tasty/wonderful!

I simply mix up the EggNog (yes, still good after the Holidays) with some actual eggs, and freshly grated nutmeg.  I use a lovely country bread; I dip the slices, and cook in a heavy pan till perfect. Then serve with fresh berries and plenty of REAL maple syrup.  Comfort food; divine!

The Pottery — Simon Levin Plate:

I’m serving my French Toast with Berries on a favorite squared plate made by Wisconsin Artist, Simon Levin.  Simon’s work is always gorgeous, stunning!!  I love the amazing wood fired statements, and the  torn edge — With the simplicity of the plate.

And every bite of my French Toast was pure heaven on this plate!  A link to Simon’s Web Site is listed in my BlogRoll.

And speaking of MAPLE SYRUP….

My Blog-Anniversary GiveAway (Maple Syrup, Wild Rice, MaashaBowl) is extended through this Friday, the 21st.

Click HERE to see Posting below for Instructions (So easy – Just enter a Comment)!


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