Celebration / GiveAway!!

WOW — I’m celebrating ONE FULL YEAR of Blogging!!

This past year of Blogging has been an absolutely FUN (and interesting) experience for me!  I’ve loved sharing — Sharing the Food, the Pottery, the Photos, the Recipes, more Food, more Pottery….

I’ve tried to keep my postings inviting and inspiring.  Both my husband and I have enjoyed eating all the food I’ve prepared.  And I hope I’ve offered a bit of insight into the life of a Minnesota Potter (making pots, loading kilns, talking about other Potters)….

So I’m celebrating a FIRST YEAR of Blogging with a Give-Away — I’m offering a Maasha Pot with Goodies!

Give-Away includes:

            – Maasha Bowl (so perfect for Salad, Pasta, Soup)

            – Minnesota Goodies — Maple Syrup; Wild Rice (Naturally Harvested)

Procedure (very simple):

1 —You send in a Comment (click on ‘Comments’ below)

Let me know if you’re a fellow potter, a fellow foodie, a fellow blogger, or anything else you wish to share.  Yes, you may enter as often as you wish; and feel free to tell your FRIENDS to enter!

2 — I will compile all Comments received by the EXTENDED Deadline of Friday, January 21st (Midnight)

3 — My Nephew (who just turned FIVE) will draw an entry (a random drawing)

4 — I will announce the Winner on the next Blog Post.  (I will contact Winner to obtain a ship-to address)

And to EVERYONE reading my Blog — Thank You for your interest and support this past year!!  I certainly plan to continue Blogging — With a few new features (and new pots) for the coming year!  Watch for my next Postings.

Suggestion:  If you’re not already a Subscriber, just enter your Email Address (above, upper right) to receive notices of MaashaClay Postings.

Finally — The happy Cupcake above is from a wonderful Twin Cities Bakery/Deli named YUM! —  www.YumKitchen.com

21 thoughts on “Celebration / GiveAway!!

  1. Maasha,

    I am not a potter (as you know). I simply collect all the pottery you are willing to share with me. Some of it I keep, some of it I give away, and some of it I simply leave at rest areas for a surprise recipient.

    Entry #1

  2. Entry #2

    I am not a blogger. There is no way I could be creative enough to create a blog. But, I enjoy your blog. It tops all the others I visit. You are brief, to the point, the photos are outstanding, you share wonderful recipes and stories, and I direct other craftsmen to your blog so they can get an idea of how it should be done.

  3. Marcia,

    I am a fellow potter, foodie , and Friend! I eagerly await for each new posting. I am inspired by seeing the beauty of your presentations pared with your pottery and of your pottery collection that you share in each of your posts.
    I look forward to seeing what 2011 brings.

    Thanks, Brenda

  4. Marica, I love blog contests! I really like coming here to see your work and to see you putting pots into use. It’s a great blog and one I look forward to with each new post. So I can’t wait to see what you ‘cook’ up for us in 2011.

    • Hi Ron —

      Yes — You may certainly ‘drop in’ with additional entries!!

      And THANK YOU so much for you comments all year!! Appreciate your interest; loved hearing from you!

      Have a good week — Marcia

  5. I am both a foodie and a lover of pottery. Your blog inspires me to not only cook more creatively but also to understand the meaning of eating first with our eyes. Where can I find your amazing pottery?

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

  6. Really love the thanksgiving table — it’s my dream to someday have a table set with all handcrafted plates! I am not a potter so will need to figure out how to make that happen! REally beautiful!!


  7. Marcia,
    I very much enjoy your blog. It is great to see the pottery in use. I’m pretty much to the point where all I use is handmade pottery now. Amazing how much better the food tastes when eating it from art! Put my name in for your contest!

  8. I recently discovered your blog–love it! I am a fellow potter and really love your work. Keep up the good posts and work!

  9. Just found your blog through a twitter post by Emily Murphy. What a great idea to celebrate your anniversary. But of course, even better idea to take photos of your beloved food on top of beloved pottery! I cannot wait to begin reading your blog! Until then, count me in to your celebration give-away!
    PS – I’m a foodie and potter in Western North Carolina

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