Holidays — Tasty Quiche

Yesterday was Christmas Day — A VERY white, snowy Christmas in Minnesota!

My husband’s Mother hosted a Christmas Morning Brunch — She asked me to bring something ‘Egg-y’.  I made two Breakfast Quiches — One with Spinach and Leek; one with Tomato, Mushroom, and Bacon.  Actually, this Quiche-Without-A-Crust is easy and tasty any time of the year!

The Food — Quiche-Without-A-Crust:

I’ve been making this ‘Quiche’ for a number of years.  It’s easy, it’s cheesey, it’s versatile — It works well with a variety of veggie combinations.  It is great for so many occasions — As a slice of quiche for lunch, as a side dish with dinner, as an appetizer — And I LOVE it for breakfast!

I’ve included the Recipe on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery:

The Spinach/Leek Quiche (shown above), I cut into squares and stacked onto a Platter (a Maasha Platter) — Stoneware, slips and ash glazes; with square design in the center.

The Quiche with Tomato, Bacon, and Mushroom, I baked  in a Maasha Baking Dish — Wheel-thrown, altered and dented to eight sides, with slips and ash glazes.  This form is perfect for baking (and serving) so many goodies — Casseroles, quiches, and more.

All the Snow:

And just to share a bit of our record-breaking snowy December — This is our back deck.  Table and chairs we forgot to bring in before the first snowfall.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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