Holidays — Another Pear Tart

We are having such a SNOWY winter (and we’re expecting more snow) — And the Holidays are approaching….

Since it’s become so difficult to get around in the snow (the roads are so narrowed), and my studio feels so chilly (I need a heater) — I’ve been BAKING.  I’ve just made a Pear Tart.  I realize I made (and posted) a Pear Tart back in May — But pears really are a Winter thing for me.  And baking creates such wonderful aromas on a snowy winter day….

The Food – Pear Tart:

Just in time for the Holidays, this Pear Tart with Caramel Sauce is so easy to make (no crust).  Pear slices sprinkled with Candied Ginger; an easy-to-make batter poured over.  Baked and served with a rich Caramel Sauce (from a jar), and of course, Whipped Cream.  The flavors — Totally decadent!

Recipe (easy) included on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery – Mary Barringer:

Just as before, I’m presenting a slice of Pear Tart on a plate by Ceramic Artist, Mary Barringer.  Because that gives me the opportunity to share TWO special Mary-Plates.

Plate #1 — A very special small plate, with a classic Mary Barringer surface treatment.  Textured, earthy bluish tones with a deep sense of mystery that just draws me in to an unknown destination.

Plate #2 — An intriguing Plate — With earthy tones of sand and rust.  Mary mentioned that this plate was in a cool spot in the kiln — It makes a more ‘stoney’ statement than usual.  I love this plate — Like an ancient, weathered rock.

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