Teacups / Yunomi

It’s definitely winter in Minnesota — We’re already expecting our THIRD major snowfall.  And below-zero temps over the weekend.

A cup of tea would be nice….

I feel like just taking it easy and sharing some Cups-In-My-Life — Teacups and Yunomi made by some of my favorite Artists….

Left to Right: A) A delightful Teacup by Minnesota artist Guillermo Cuellar.  I love helping Guillermo during the St. Croix Pottery Tour every May!  B) A small Yunomi, very wood fired, by Wisconsin artist Simon Levin. C) A simple Teacup with slip decoration, that I picked up in a mountain village in Japan.  The artist had just unloaded his kiln.

Left to Right: A) A small Maasha Teacup — Soda fired with slips and ash glaze.  B) Two lovely wood fired Cups made by Minnesota artist Linda Christianson (my sister LOVED these).

Left to Right: A) A sweet Yunomi — Porcelain, soda fired, by Dyann Myers.  Dyann just relocated from Minnesota to North Carolina.  B) Another Maasha Cup — Soda fired with slips and ash glaze.  C) A small Teacup, perfect and textured, by Wisconsin artist Steve Rolf.

Left to Right: A) Two small Maasha Teacups, very wood fired with lovely coating of ash.  B) A wonderful Teacup by Minnesota artist Warren MacKenzie — Peppery Shino glaze.

Left to Right: A) A lively, colorful Teacup — Soda fired, by Minnesota Artist, Sandra Shaughnessy.  B) A small sweetie — Earthenware cup with handle, by Minnesota artist, Lisa Buck.

Yes, a cup of Tea would be nice….

And here are two more Links:

      Guillermo Cuellar — www.GuillermoPottery.com

      Dyann Myers — www.DyannMyers.com

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