November – Thanksgiving Dessert

Thanksgiving Gathering was awesome!  It was wonderful to have family and friends over and share a really tasty Turkey Dinner.  And then we all had DESSERT!

We had several desserts….

We enjoyed TWO lovely (wonderful) Apple Desserts – Prepared by Stacey!  Stacey is an excellent baker!!  She made a gorgeous Apple Pie and a lovely Apple Custard Tart.  I especially LOVED the Apple Tart — Presented here on a Maasha Plate with Whipped Cream and drizzle of Maple Syrup — YUM!

And we enjoyed a THIRD Dessert!

Sister-in-Law Barb helped prepare a Pumpkin-Banana Trifle – Layers of Orange-Spice Sponge Cake, Pumpkin-Banana Mousse and lots of whipped cream.  A wonderful way to serve many people.

Barb and I prepared the Trifle a day ahead.  I made the Orange-Spice Sponge Cake — Cut into cubes, tossed with sprinkle of Grand Marnier Liqueur.  Barb prepared the Pumpkin-Banana Mousse.  She stopped over (during a snow storm) and we assembled/layered into a large glass Trifle Bowl.  We celebrated with a glass of wine.

Recipe for Pumpkin Trifle included on my Recipes Page.

It’s been fun (busy/fun) Blogging about my Thanksgiving plans all month!!  Sharing my Pottery and Food preparations — Making new plates, preparing ‘practice turkeys’, setting the table with so much pottery, and FINALLY — Dining and enjoying a really tasty Thanksgiving Dinner with family and friends!!

And Thank You, Thank You, Thank You — To Barb and Stacey for wonderful Desserts.

2 thoughts on “November – Thanksgiving Dessert

  1. Multiple thanks to Marcia and Bob for taking on the Paul/Ryder family for Thanksgiving. Plus Marcia’s Japanese friends who integrated so well with our conglomerate group. Preparing for 21 people for a bountiful meal is a daunting task. You make it look so easy, but I know that besides the love that went into the meal, there must have been many hours of work. The food was delicious, the tables were beautifully set with your creative pottery, and judging from the myriads of conversation, a good time was had by all. Lorin and I especially appreciated that folks who might have had a difficult holiday, were able to spend it in a beautiful home with gracious hosts and in the company of people who love them. Thank you.

  2. Marcia and Bob – Thanks so much for the wonderful Thanksgiving gathering. How fun to see your beautiful home, enjoy amazing food, and celebrate together with family and new friends. We are so appreciative of all that had to have gone into the event. It was absolutely fantastic. Thanks for all your hospitality and for being such gracious and welcoming hosts.

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