November – Turkey Plans / Preparations III

Setting the Table….

Thanksgiving in just a few days – Time to ‘set the table’ (actually, several tables).  For most of us who are artists making functional pottery — This is often a fun, rewarding endeavor.

It’s quite delightful to see everything come together – The dinner plates (wonderfully mismatched), the bread-&-butter plates (pillow-boxes), the goofy flatware.  And, for the first time ever, I created a fun centerpiece with pears and pines.

I’m just hoping my Table says “Welcome, Celebrate, Enjoy!!”

Next Post – The DESSERT!

3 thoughts on “November – Turkey Plans / Preparations III

  1. Beautiful Table!!

    Your guests will all feel the love that you have put forth to make this Thanksgiving day dinner one to remember. I know the meal you will prepare for them will be as wonderful as your table presentation.

    I appreciate your attention to detail.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the inspiration.


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