November – Turkey Plans/Preparations II

I’m sharing more of my plans for Thanksgiving….

And I’m sharing my ‘practice’ Turkey — So much fun cooking on the Grill!

The Food – Turkey Practice and More:

Because I’ll be hosting and serving so many people, I thought it might be best to cook two separate turkeys — One in the oven (no problem), and one on the grill (new experience).  I needed a trial run to determine the temperature and the timing on the grill.  So, my husband and I cooked a ‘practice’ Turkey last weekend.  It was definitely a SUCCESS — And provided some totally decadent dining all week.

I also did a quick preparation of my Dark Bread Stuffing (with Red Onion, Apple and Shiitake), which I bake separately from the Turkey; and my Wild Rice Pilaf (with Leek, Shiitake, and Dried Apricot).

I’ve included the recipes (including the Maple-Glazed Turkey) on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery – Serving Pieces

For presentation of the Turkey, I used a wonderful large serving bowl/platter by Matt Kelleher, ceramic artist in North Carolina.  Matt creates strong forms with lovely, intriguing, satin-smooth wood fired surfaces.  I love this piece in my collection — With or without a Turkey.

Here is a Link to Matt’s Web Site —

For serving the Wild Rice Pilaf, I chose a bowl by Ellen Shankin, ceramic artist in Virginia.


The tasty Dark Bread Stuffing I served in a lovely bowl by Steve Rolf, ceramic artist just across the river in Wisconsin.

The above Artists were all part of the St. Croix Pottery Tour, held every year in May.


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