November – Turkey Plans/Preparations I

It’s already November 2010!  Thanksgiving in a few weeks….

I recently learned that I will be hosting Thanksgiving Dinner — For my husband’s family, and extended family — And basically, lots of folks with turkey-appetites.

I thought I would keep track of the process on this Blog….

Starting with the Menu; and the plates I need to make, and the serving pieces I need to gather….

And, because I’ve decided that I need to cook TWO turkeys, I’m doing a ‘practice’ turkey on the grill this weekend (I’ll be posting that, with Recipes, next time).

The Food (the Menu):

This turkey (and sauce), and stuffing, and rice dish have become signature dishes for me.  All the flavors work well together – Earthy, fruity, elegant comfort-food!  The first time I tried this Maple/Cider Glazed Turkey and Sauce, my not-yet husband went out for some ingredient I needed and returned with a diamond ring!  Sooooo, here’s the Menu:


Cheesey Spinach-Quiche Squares with Crackers

The Main Meal

Maple/Cider Glazed Turkey
Ginger/Cider Sauce
Cranberry/Mango Chutney

Dark Bread Stuffing with Apple, Shiitake and Tarragon
Wild Rice Pilaf with Apricot, Leek and Shiitake
Various Veggies – Squash, Corn, Something Green, etc.

A few Desserts —

Pumpkin-Banana Mousse Trifle
Apple-Bread Pudding w/Custard Sauce

The Pottery (Preparations):

I’m sure I’ve got plenty of serving pieces – Platters and bowls; and some FUN new wooden serving utensils (made by Wood Artist — Paul Jensen).

But I really need to MAKE a few more Dinner Plates!  They’re at the greenware stage right now – Dried and ready for bisque fire tonight.  Then I glaze and fire again (next week?).

And here is link to Wood Artist — Paul Jensen…

He is a FAVORITE in the Twin Cities —

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