Autumn – Two Soups

We are enjoying a heavenly Minnesota Autumn with gorgeous autumn colors — Bright reds, oranges, yellows with plenty of green mixed in.  And everything is autumn-spectacular at my Wisconsin Farm as well.

Right now we are experiencing a wonderful Midwestern ‘Indian Summer’ — Warm and sunny all week (with crisp, cool nights); perfection.  And my tastebuds are craving Autumn flavors….

The Food — Two Soups:

I’ve just prepared two different Soups, that say ‘Autumn’.

Soup #1 — Butternut Squash/Apple Bisque — Wonderful flavors, squash and apple; but the secret is a Yellow Thai Curry!!  I roast the butternut squash in the oven, saute some onion, some apple; then simmer all in chicken stock with the Yellow Thai Curry!!  I puree in the food processor — Heat again with a bit of cream and serve with dollop of creme fraiche and chives.

Soup #2 — Cauliflower/Apple Soup — Again, wonderful flavors, cauliflower and apple; curry and saffron tie them together.  I roast the cauliflower, saute onion and apple with seasonings; then simmer in chicken stock. I puree in the food processor — Heat again with heavy cream and serve with an apple garnish.

Note — Recipes included on my Recipes Page!!

The Pottery:

I’ve been making quite a few new bowls — Actually, pasta/salad bowls; but I couldn’t resist filling them with Soup!

I’m serving the Butternut Squash/Apple Bisque in a new Maasha Bowl — Stoneware, slips and ash glazes, with a simple but striking geometric treatment.  The bowl is perfect for soup, or pasta, or salad, or chili — Or anything else that needs a friendly ‘comfort-food’ bowl.

I’m presenting the Cauliflower/Apple Soup in another new bowl — Stoneware, slips with one black-stripe glaze, soda fired.  I’ve been making most of these bowls a bit larger, as serving bowls; but this smaller bowl certainly works for the soup on a lovely Autumn day!

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