Good Bye Summer – Quesadillas

We’ve just had a few weeks of grey and chilly in Minnesota.  But some warmer, sunshine weather just recently returned (summer’s last hurrah?).  I’m celebrating with something festive — Quesadillas — Because we’re expecting rain all day tomorrow.

The Food:

I was making (and enjoying) Quesadillas quite a bit this past summer – Cheesy/Chicken Quesadillas with Mango Salsa.  They make such a tasty snack, or appetizer, or lunch; and they’re quick and easy.

I use already-cooked chicken — Shredded and simmered in a favorite mole sauce.  I sprinkle the chicken onto a fresh tortilla along with grated cheese.  Cover with another tortilla and heat till toasty in a (slightly oiled) pan.

For the Mango Salsa I use red onion, jalapena, mango and lime, with cilantro — Tasty and colorful.

The Pottery:

I am presenting Quesadilla Wedges on a long graceful-but-fun tray made by Sandra Shaughnessy — Porcelain, hand built, soda fired.  Sandra and I fire our work together often.  I’m delighted to have one of her fun trays in my life.

Sandra is definitely a Soda-Fire-Force in the Twin Cities!!  For more examples of her free-spirited work, here is a link to her Web Site: 


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