American Pottery Festival

Wow — It’s September already!!  And it’s time for American Pottery Festival at Northern Clay Center THIS weekend!!

We are so fortunate to have NCC providing such a strong statement for ceramic arts in the Twin Cities, in Minnesota!!

And because NCC is celebrating a 20th Anniversary — They’re including ALL artists who’ve participated in the APF event over the years!!  That means an AMAZING assortment of pottery and potters!!!!

I will certainly be attending the Opening this Friday Evening in downtown Minneapolis!!

      Link —

The Pottery:

I’m just sharing some favorite pieces from previous APF Artists/Sales (along with a few late-summer veggies)….

Jeff Oestreich — I knew this bowl belonged in my life the instant I saw it!

Chuck Solberg — Wonderful woodfired vessel!!

Steve Rolf — A favorite serving bowl; Steve’s work always subtle, exquisite!


Christa Assad — Delightful tumblers; perfect for late-day sip of wine!


Ellen Shankin — Lovely serving bowl; Ellen’s work refined, with ‘earthy’ glazes!

Hope everyone has a good time at APF!!  And here are LINKS to the Artists above.

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