Canadian Rockies II

Since returning from vacation nearly a week ago, and looking through all our Canadian Rockies photos, I feel like those magnificent peaks are still surrounding me!

And I’m letting the inspiration of the mountains, and the rocks, and the canyons, and crevices catch up with me.

I’ve been reconstituting my groggiest clay; I’ve thrown a few large ‘rocky’ bowls and plates; I’ve already started making some ‘rock-pots’ — Vessels, lidded jars.

And I’ve been cooking a few dinners and dishes that reminded me of our trip (and tasted wonderful).

 The Food – Maple-Glazed Salmon:

In a nod to our many trips to western Canada, I just had to prepare Salmon, a simple, generous slab of west-coast Salmon — Oven-roasted with Maple/Cider Glaze with a topping of sauteed apple, leek and cranberry.  Served over a mound of Yukon Gold potatoes; slightly toasted then mashed. 

Presented on a simple Maasha Plate — Wheel-thrown, stoneware; a ‘stoney’ look with slips and ash glazes, with celadon edging.

The maple-infused salmon was delicious with the tangy apple-cranberry topping — All on the perfect ‘comfort-food’ plate!

The Food – Maple Cream Mousse:

And in another nod to the North Country, I’ve created a very special Maple Cream Mousse — Made with REAL maple syrup and a bit of Kahlua, topped with whipped cream and raspberries.  Presented in a clear glass goblet — Set on a special flat (Rocky Mountain) rock.

This delicate concoction is absolutely TO DIE FOR!!!  The most perfect creamy ‘sweetness’ — Maple syrup natural, complex, balanced.

Many of my friends have never recovered from how pure-heaven wonderful this is.

Beware — I’ve added the recipe to my ‘Recipes’ page!!

The Pottery:

It always feels a bit strange returning to studio work after an absence (even an ‘inspirational’ absence).  I’ve been making forms/pots — But I’m not yet back into the ‘groove’ of finishing and glazing and firing….

Since I have no newest/latest work to share, I’m just adding some final mountain photos — A favorite Rock (yes, the rocks inspire me), and a last look back at Mt. Victoria and Glacier…

Again, more photos on my ‘Xtra Photos’ page.

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