Canadian Rockies I

My husband and I just returned from vacation — Ten days in the Canadian Rockies!!

The Canadian Rockies include four national parks – With mountain peaks and glaciers that are AWESOME, MAGNIFICENT, AMAZING, AWE-INSPIRING!!!!

We’ve been there several times in the past (we love western Canada) — But each trip is different; each visit takes our breath away.  We arrived in very smokey skies (forest fires in British Columbia).  We took some pleasant ‘warm-up’ hikes.  Then the smoke cleared and we had totally clear, bright blue skies.  We took some ‘longer’ hikes; my husband took sooooo many (great) photos.

If you’ve never visited the Canadian Rockies — They just may be the most gorgeous place on the planet (or at least, this continent).

The Food:

Because we were travelling in such a small vehicle (we are not RV people), and we could barely fit our tent in my husband’s sports car, we took no food with us.  Instead, we enjoyed good food at fun restaurants while camping on the mountain every night.

We discovered some refreshing Canadian micro-brew beers and swooned over some WONDERFUL ‘starter/appetizer’ dishes.

In the town of Banff (Banff National Park) we found a restaurant, SaltLik.  We loved the Mussels in Roasted Tomato Sauce, the super-tasty Asian-Barbecued Ribs, and my favorite, the Duck Tacos — honey-barbequed duck confit with an herbed cream sauce in lightly fried wonton shells.

In the tiny town of Field (Yoho National Park) we discovered Truffle Pigs Bistro and enjoyed Alberta Ribeye Steak with Balsamic Reduction Glaze and a heavenly Blueberry/Amaretto Pie for dessert.

The Pottery:

The only ‘pottery’ I can feature in this post — The MOUNTAINS, the ROCKS, the LAKES, the CLIFFS, the WILDFLOWERS, the GLACIERS!! 

I was constantly reminded of why I am a ceramic artist, why I prefer stoney, organic surfaces on my work — Those mountains!  Those rocks!  So much sculpture going on — The mysterious, forbidding, enticing interplay of angles and planes, rocks and meadow, spatial intrigue and danger.

Check out more PHOTOS on my new ‘Xtra Photos’ page.

And watch for next Post — Canadian Rockies II.

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