Just a Bowl of Fresh Fruit

Minnesota Summer — So much wonderful fruit!

Yes, I realize we can get fresh produce nearly year ’round, but berries and melons and peaches are so tasty and special and fruity when they’re summer-abundant and summer-fresh!  So I’m just sharing a few pots and bowls and trays from my collection….

Dark Cherries:

Dark cherries piled into one of my Maasha Bowls — Stoneware, wheel-thrown and altered (softly squared and dented), reduction fired with slips and ash glazes.

Cherries are such a summer-time treat for my Husband, Bob.  He is my patient, dedicated photographer.

I let him eat ALL the cherries — He reported that they were “very, very good.”

Melon with Raspberries:

Melon slices (and raspberries) offered on a delightful ‘fan-shaped’ plate made by Jan McKeatchie-Johnston — Stoneware, handbuilt, woodfired.  I love this plate (actually a sushi tray) — Elegant but woodfired rustic.  And this melon was sooooo scrumptious tasty!

Jan and Randy Johnston are in River Falls, Wisconsin.


Strawberries presented in a lovely bowl made by Mary Kay Botkins — Porcelain, handbuilt with wonderful, soft constructional statements, light glaze application.

I LOVE the look of the berries in this bowl!!!!  The way it suggests a folded paper bag, or one of those wooden berry boxes — Contemporary but nostalgic at the same time.

Mary Kay is a ceramic artist in Dundee, Illinois.


Peaches presented in a wonderful wood tray made by Peter Sletten — Rustic, ‘live-edge’, lightly carved interior, warm oiled finish.  These peaches were some of the BEST I’ve had in several years — And I love the way they show markings in yellow and red (from the sunshine and tree branches?) — Like the markings of woodfired pots.

Peter is a wood artist in Minnesota — He was a guest artist at my studio tour/sale this past May.

OOPS!!!  No Blueberries?  Did I eat all the Blueberries??

One thought on “Just a Bowl of Fresh Fruit

  1. I love the strawberries in their bowl too. Is that the one you exchanged for your bowl in the juried show we went to in Warrenville last year?

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