Banana Bread and Books

My son, Geoff, has been working for several years on publishing a series of books on his Japanese ancestry — Much research, many historical documents and photos, much organizing, much translating and writing.  He’s nearly finished and hopes to publish soon!!  It’s been an awesome endeavor for him.

I’m including a photo of two of his prototype/test books, already published.

And I’m making sure that he has plenty to eat while he’s here!!  Besides the salmon dinners, and the tapas dinners and the very huge batch of lasagne (a later post), he’s been devouring Banana Bread as fast as I can bake it.

The Food:

I make a rather special (incredible) Banana Bread — Banana/Apricot Bread flavored with Almond and Amaretto.  It’s not as complicated as it sounds, the flavors are pure banana/almond heaven.  I always make two loaves at a time — And I’m including the recipe on my new Recipes Page.

The Pottery:

I’m serving Geoff’s Banana Bread on one of my Sushi Trays.  Stoneware, handbuilt, soda fired with slips and spots of glaze.  I enjoy placing these trays in various locations in the kiln — To get totally unexpected results from the soda atmosphere.  And they’re great for serving anything yummy — Like sushi, or appetizers, or banana bread.

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