Visitor from Japan

My older son, Geoff, lives in Japan — He’s not been back to the ‘States for several years.  I’m a delighted Mom — He just arrived for a visit!!

Whenever he comes back to the US, he always makes several requests — For flavors and memories he simply cannot get in Japan.

    – Homemade Banana Bread

    – Homemade Lasagne

    – Corn-on-the-Cob

    – Chocolate Malts

    – Homemade Pies

The Food:

For a first family gathering, my brother, Jay, and wife, Lisa, came over — And Lisa made a Peach Pie!!

I do not make pies; I roll out slabs of clay everyday, but I do not make pies.  Instead, Lisa makes pies!  ….Lisa makes fantastic pies.  ….Lisa makes the ABSOLUTELY BEST pies!!

And for Geoff’s arrival — She made the most perfect Summer Peach Pie!!  And because I think the combination of peaches and raspberries is beyond wonderful — I supplied the ice cream and the fresh raspberries!!

The Pottery:

I’m serving on a set of new plates I’ve recently made — White clay body, handbuilt, poured and ladled slips and glazes, soda fired.  ….Just had some fun creating small abstract paintings — Perfect for Lisa’s peach pie.  Summertime heaven!!

And Geoff LOVED the pie!!

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