Summer Curry (Soup)

It’s summer — Everything is green and lush and gorgeous!!

I just returned from a quick run down to my Wisconsin Farm (a three-day maintenance issue) — And everything was green and gorgeous there as well!

The Food:

I’m back home now and I’ve just prepared a tasty Summer Curried Soup.  I’m calling it ‘summery’ because I add summer veggies — Zucchini and corn.

I saute chopped onion, celery, yellow pepper, apple, ginger and garlic — Then add plenty of chicken broth, chopped carrot, and some wonderful spices — Curry powder, cloves and cayenne pepper.  After some simmering, I run all the cooked veggies through the food processor — When I return all to the broth, it is naturally ‘thickened’ but still ‘lite’ for summer.

From this point, I mix in a bit of yogurt, I add cut up (already-cooked) chicken.  Finally, for finishing, I mix in cut up zucchini and fresh corn kernels, and that definitely makes it a ‘Summer Curry.’  I serve over rice and garnish with chopped cilantro and a happy squeeze of lime.

Note — Due to a number of ‘requests’ I’ve started a Recipe Page (starting with this recipe)!!  I’ll be adding more soon!

The Pottery:

I’m serving in a special, fun Maasha Bowl — Handbuilt, stoneware, slip and ash glazes.   I love making these bowls — With obvious overlapped constructional statement and a slight pedestal foot.  They make a great Serving Bowl — But for now, a very unique and festive way to enjoy my Summer Curried Soup!!

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