It’s Summer — Time for Grilling!!

My husband and I grill often; nearly year ’round.  When we remodeled our kitchen several years ago, we made sure we got an indoor grill.  But summer has arrived (almost Fourth of July) and we’re definitely grilling ‘summer stuff’ out on the deck!!

The Food:

I’ve prepared Korean-style Beef Short Ribs — Known as Kalbi.  I marinated the ribs for several hours — In a wonderful marinade of soy sauce, sesame oil, ground sesame seed, grated apple, honey and lots of garlic.  The ribs are usually served with lettuce and spicey sauces — I included rice and steamed snow peas.

Note — The meat on the ribs needs to be slit in a very special way — To help stay tender.  Alas, I did not do this correctly — But they were still absolutely tasty and enjoyable!

Another Note — For many years, I’ve used this same marinade for ribeye steak – Also wonderful and always tender.

The Pottery:

I thought I would present all the ribs piled onto a Maasha Platter — A platter I made last year when I was in a very geometric mood.

Stoneware, six-sided (deliberately irregular), slab-built; various slips applied with tape-resist, finished with ash glazes.  I really enjoyed making this piece; and I definitely love presenting various foods on it.  It says ‘abundance,’ with plenty of visual decoration peeking out.  I’m pleased with the ‘earthy but contemporary’ statement.

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