More St. Croix Pottery

The St. Croix Pottery Tour was a month ago.  How did so much time zip by??  It’s time I shared a few more pots by a few more of the Artists!

Birthday Flowers:

I recently celebrated my birthday (I’m not divulging WHAT birthday).  My husband gave me a really awesome bouquet of flowers — Bright yellow and deep red lillies!!  They immediately went into a tall, shino-glazed vessel made by Randy Johnston.  A delightful, gorgeous combination!!

Randy, and Jan McKeatchie-Johnston, are in River Falls, Wisconsin.  We are so fortunate they’re so close by the Twin Cities.  I’ve enjoyed workshops with both Randy and Jan at Northern Clay Center.  And this vessel is certainly a favorite in my collection.

Very Special Cookies:

Again, because of my birthday, I’m sharing my FAVORITE cookies — Almond/Chocolate Ganache from Patrick’s French Bakery in Minneapolis (two perfect “marzipan” wafers with a layer of chocolate ganache).  It would be unthinkable to have a birthday without them.

They are perfect in a very special plate by Simon Levin — Square, stunningly wood-fired.  The cookies and the plate are teasures in my life!

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