Springtime at the Farm — Morels!!

I just spent a lovely weekend at our family farm in Wisconsin — Relaxing and enjoying a totally gorgeous Spring.  We are located in the ‘driftless’ area of southwestern Wisconsin, with delightful hills and valleys never flattened by the last glacier.  We are tucked back in our own valley with woods, hills, cliffs and ponds — It is Heaven.

My sister, Jan, was there — She lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, but loves coming up to the Farm.  We gathered watercress by the many natural springs, explored for morels, our husbands did some fishing in the ponds; we prepared a fantastic country dinner.  We just relaxed; I did not even go for a bike ride.

Now I’m back home, relaxed, refreshed — Potting and cooking; and sharing a delightful springtime meal….

The Food — Sea Scallops with Asparagus, Morels and Watercress Sauce: 

I only had a few morels, but a big bunch of watercress.  I picked up some sea scallops and some fat Minnesota asparagus.  I sauteed the scallops in butter, then the morels (along with some shiitake mushrooms); and steamed the asparagus.  The sauce I made with butter, white wine and heavy cream, a few herbs and plenty of chopped watercress.

The Pottery:

I’ve been making some new plates and platters lately — Stoneware, wheel-thrown with a rim (I don’t usually do rims), then carved (somewhat unevenly).  All glazed with white slip, then gold slip on the rim, then an ash glaze.  It was definitely time to see how these new plates looked with food — Scrumptious springtime food!!

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