St. Croix Goodies

After two intense, back-to-back weekends of Art/Pottery Tours, I’m finally feeling recovered and anxious to cook!!

Our Lake Minnetonka Arts Tour (first weekend of May) was GREAT — A wonderful throng of people coming out to visit our studios; so much interest and enthusiasm!!  I totally enjoyed the weekend with my guest Artists, Chiaki (fiber) and Peter (wood), and I so appreciate all the folks who stopped by!!

The St. Croix Pottery Tour (second weekend of May), was another FANTASTIC event.  So many wonderful potters, so much pottery, so many folks came by in the sunshine (Saturday and Sunday) and the all-day rain on Friday!!  I was working/helping (and having fun) three days straight at Guillermo Cuellar Studio.  Now I’m ready to review the goodies I picked up from the St. Croix potters.  Note:  This will take more than one post.

Artichoke Fun – Mark Pharis / Steve Rolf

I totally enjoyed looking over all of Mark Pharis’ work — His constructed forms with unexpected angles and geometric glaze applications.  I found a small white plate that just had to come home with me — It immediately said “Artichoke, Artichoke.”  I found some wonderful rustic bread, created a bowlful of crumbs mixed with sauteed garlic and grated Parmesan cheese and stuffed an Artichoke.  For the melted lemon/butter, I used a special yunomi made by Steve Rolf.  Artichokes are always FUN!!  And this plate was perfect for pulling off those leaves full of gooey stuffing!

Simple Dessert – Mary Barringer

I always love looking over Mary Barringer’s work — Simple forms with entrancing textures and layers.  Her work is minimalist but so robust, with a bit of mystery!  My husband and I acquired a special ‘Mary plate’ several years ago.  I’ve finally prepared something special and devine — A Pear Tart with Lavender Custard Cream Sauce.  I use a simple cake/tart recipe, with sliced d’Anjou pears (I add a bit of almond extract and a spoonful of lavender honey).  For the Custard Sauce, I heat and infuse the cream with several sprinkles of dried lavender (then strain).  Then continue with the basic egg yolks, sugar and and more cream — Heat till not quite simmering but thickened.  The combination of Pear and creamy, fragrant Lavender Custard is UNBELIEVABLE!  And absolutely delightful on this special plate!

Note: I’m using Lavender products from Pelindaba Lavender Farm in Washington State —

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