Springtime — So Busy!

So busy!!  I have been sooooo busy getting ready for the Lake Minnetonka Arts Tour — This weekend, the first weekend of May.  (see ‘Events’ page)


We’ve been enjoying a wonderful early spring, and my frogs have been out croaking (roaring) through the forest since early April, but I’ve been making soooo many new pots.  With a burst of creative energy I started making totally (totally) new work.  I started making ‘Leaf’ plates and platters (and bowls and wine tumblers) — All white stoneware, new styles, new sizes, new glaze combinations.  I’m sure it must have been our early spring — I needed a springtime palette.  I couldn’t stop working.

So now the Arts Tour is fast approaching this weekend.  And there is sooooo much getting ready — The entire house, the studio, the ‘showroom’, the decks, refreshments, flowers, displays!!  And I’m very excited about my two Guest Artists — Chiaki (fiber) and Peter (wood)!!  And I’ve yet to pick up work from three different kilns later this week.

But before I go into a total panic — I’m taking a break and enjoying a salmon dinner on one of my newest Leaf Platters….

The Food:

For a springtime meal, I prepared grilled salmon with a tasty, tangy topping of curried apple, turnip and cranberry.  I love salmon with a wild rice pilaf (we get Minnesota naturally grown wild rice) with sauteed leeks, and fresh, barely-steamed asparagus.

The Pottery:

I’m serving grilled salmon on one of my newest Leaf Platters — White stoneware (B-Mix), overlapping glazes, reduction fired.  I’ve really had fun creating these various ‘Leaf’ pieces — Simple, stylized form with different textures and silky, smooth glazes; a bit more ‘refined’ than my usual ‘rustic’ statements.

And, a final comment — It was really delightful eating from this plate.  The larger, longer proportions added a perfect, fun drama to my dining.  I guess I’ll continue making “Leaf’ plates…

Again — Go to ‘Events’ page for more info on Lake Minnetonka Arts Tour.

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