A Taste for Southwest!!

I’ve really had a taste for Southwest flavors lately!  Maybe I’m remembering all the Mexican foods I enjoyed last year while attending NCECA (Phoenix) and vacationing through Arizona — The Grand Canyon, hiking around Sedona, the conference in Phoenix, hiking the mountains south of Tucson.

The Food:

One of my favorite Mexican dishes is simple — Enchiladas (Chicken or Cheesey), with a side of Refried Beans.  I find it easiest to make a layered Enchilada Casserole, so that I have plenty left over.

For my Enchilada Dish, I grilled several Chicken Breasts, to smokey/tender — Then sliced very thin and tossed in an Enchilada Sauce.  I start with a prepared sauce (Frontera brand), then add additional ingredients. I layer in a baking dish — Corn Tortillas, Chicken/Sauce mixture, grated cheeses (White Cheddar, crumbled Chevre).  And while baking, I finish preparing the Refried Beans. For serving, I top with Salsa Verde and/or Cilantro.

The Pottery:

I’ve prepared this Casserole in a rather rustic but bright Baking Dish — Stoneware, thrown and altered, Soda fired.  I love making these eight-sided dishes — With both organic and geometric statements.  They’re great for either baking or serving.  And, in this case, they’re a perfect size and shape for the Tortillas!!

One thought on “A Taste for Southwest!!

  1. You know how much I love Southwest anything. I’m glad you like making those bowls because I want no less than three of them. And I would like more specifics on the recipe. Can you have them ready by July? I really like your blog.


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