Just a Quick Pasta

My husband and I enjoy thrown-together pastas.  At least once a week we throw together whatever ingredients we find in the fridge — And then throw it all on top of pasta.  Because we are so pasta-oriented, and because I LOVE making bowls and plates — We have many potential pasta bowls.  I’m not sure which is more fun — Preparing the topping, or choosing the pasta bowl for the evening.

The Food: 

A Chicken/Asparagus Pasta:  For this topping, I sauteed leeks, shiitake mushrooms, cut-up chicken breast.  I made a rich, creamy wine sauce, and added steamed asparagus — All seasoned with rosemary and lemon zest.  Served over fresh linguine — With a final topping of toasted pine nuts and grated cheeses.  It was a delightful mix of flavors, with a hint of springtime.  (And in Minnesota, spring is still at least a month away).

The Pottery:

I’m serving our Chicken/Asparagus Pasta in a square, constructed Pasta Bowl — Stoneware, Soda fired.  For my handbuilt work, I often include deliberate ‘overlaps’ and constructional statements.  I’m delighted with the ‘overlapped’ sides, visible beyond the tempting pasta and asparagus — I’m ready to dine!!

The Inspiration:

This plate/bowl was inspired by a workshop last year with Mark Pharis.  His geometric/architectural concepts suited me perfectly.  He shared his approach to planning/designing his pieces, his techniques for developing ‘patterns’ and assembling from cut slabs to three-dimensional works.  The workshop was an absolute high for me!!

Mark Pharis is Professor, Ceramics, at University of Minnesota.  He will be a Guest Artist at St. Croix Pottery Tour to be held the second weekend of May.

One thought on “Just a Quick Pasta

  1. Hi Marcia, Just came over from Emily Murphy’s blog. I love your blog. What a great idea to combine your love of pots with food. Well, of course the two go hand in hand, but no one is really showing it on the Web like you are here. So thanks for that and I look forward to your upcoming posts. All the best, Ron in NC

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