Gallery Show!!

Our Show just opened at Mill District Arts Gallery, in downtown Minneapolis!!!

Julie Timm and I are showing our work at the Gallery; we are so excited about our very positive, very enjoyable Opening this past weekend!!  We were thrilled to see everyone who stopped by to see our work!!

The Food:

Because our Show involved Asian inspirations and statements, we offered foods with Asian flavors and ingredients.  Julie prepared small fruit skewers with pineapple, strawberry, and blackberry.  She also served a huge tray of asparagus with colorful pink radish in the center.  The radish looked like watermelon with sprinkled black sesame seed — A real hit.

I prepared nori-roll sushi bites, and provided a Japanese eggplant dip with sesame-snow peas.  As a special highlight, we offered a sake-tasting — Julie’s husband, Stephan, was the sake-master, explaining various types of sake throughout the evening.

The Pottery (The Show):

It was wonderful to work with Julie on this Show!!  Our work is very compatible with our shared interest in an Asian aesthetic.  At the same time, our styles compliment each other with our contrasting methods and approaches.

Julie’s work reflects her attention to detail — Handbuilt, precise, refined.  Her lovely vases and flower bricks, primarily soda fired, are stunning — With decoration of flowers, leaves and intriguing Japanese gardens.

My work is rustic, organic — My wood fired vessels and ‘buckets’ reflect my spontaneous side; my soda fired plates and bowls satisfy my ‘constructional’ and geometric side.  And my ‘pillow blocks’ (mounted on wood plaques) reflect my new interest in a sculptural/painterly direction.

We are very pleased with the ‘look’ of the Show — Our work displayed together, my new wood pedestals,  Julie’s flower arrangements, the old stone walls of the Gallery — It all added up to the presentation that we wanted.  A very heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to everyone who stopped by!!!!

And, of course, a link to Julie’s Web Site —

A final note —

Sadly, the Gallery will be closing at the end of the month. For that reason, our Show will be ending a week earlier than publicized — The weekend of March 20th.


One thought on “Gallery Show!!

  1. Sorry to have missed your opening last weekend but I am glad to hear it went well!
    I want to come see the work, please let me know what would be a good time. I’d like to see it in the gallery setting!

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