Japanese Bites

Sushi Practice:

I am getting ready for a Gallery Opening in a few weeks — At a small gallery in downtown Minneapolis, along with another ceramic artist, Julia Timm.  Because we are showing Asian-inspired work, we are planning Asian/Japanese refreshments, including sushi.  So I’ve been practicing — Making very small, skinny Nori Rolls, so they can be sliced into ‘finger-food.’  I don’t have all the ingredients on hand, but I’ve been making rather successful skinny rolls with spinach, carrot, shiitake, and smoked salmon.  My husband is really enjoying all the ‘sushi bites.’ 

The Pottery:

Sushi-Block or Sculpture?  Lately, I’ve been making Pillow-Blocks — Pillowy blocks, hand-built, dented and distored, that I glaze and soda fire.  Each one becomes an abstract sulpture/painting.  I make these as wall sculpture, to be displayed alone or in groupings.  Occasionally one of the blocks says “sushi” — Perfect as a wonderful ‘blocky’ sushi plate.  I’m presenting my Nori Sushi Roll on one of my favorite ‘Sushi-Blocks.’

I really enjoy making these Pillow-Blocks — For the wall, or for sushi!!  And check out my Events page for details about the Show!

Japanese Candy:

On my first trip to Japan, I bicycled through the peninsula just south of Kyoto (I was crazy).  Actually, it was a wonderful way to experience Japan.  Along the way, I discovered a sweet called Yatsu Hashi — A folded triangle of  ‘dough’ with a sweet beany filling inside.  Yatsu Hashi is specific to the city of Kyoto — It is sold in boxes at the train station, and at Kyoto department stores.  I LOVE Yatsu Hashi!!

Here in Minnesota, I have a Japanese/Artist friend, Chiaki — She weaves in a unique, Japanese technique known as Saori (I love her weaving).  When she learned that I love Yatsu Hashi, she went online and found a recipe, and made some for me — In flavors of Green Tea and also Cinnamon.  I’m THRILLED — It’s wonderful to have my very own Yatsu Hashi so far from Japan!!  And a special Thank You to Chiaki!!

The Pottery:

I’m presenting three Yatsu Hashi bites on one of my Leaf Plates — White claybody, soda fired.  I enjoy making these leaf plates — I glaze and fire them in several different ways.  They are a ‘simple’ form, but when they’re finished, they feel so pleasant in the hand — Perfect appetizer plates, for tapas, nibbles, or sweet bites (like Yatsu Hashi).

2 thoughts on “Japanese Bites

  1. Hey – dig those sushi blocks.

    How long do I have to wait to steal the idea ?

    Japanese candy . . . it’s a crucial part of every good clay showing.

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