So Much Snow …. With Chocolate

We have been getting so much snow!!  ….Slow-moving snowstorms that sit over us for days and gently drop 10 to 12 to 18 inches of snow.  The fact is, I have always loved (loved) shoveling snow.  Yes, my husband uses a snowblower for the driveway, but I always shovel our long walkway to the house.

And there really is something about shoveling snow that’s quite like stoking a wood kiln — Peaceful but physical, quiet contentment; once you get going, you really don’t want to quit.  So I’m truly enjoying our snowstorms — And sharing a photo of ‘Four Deck Chairs Buried in the Snow’, or ‘Finding Inspiration for New Pots’??

The Food:

Snow may mean lots of shoveling — But it also means Hot Cocoa, and a lovely piece of Chocolate Cake!  One of my favorite bakeries in the Twin Cities is Franklin Street Bakery (just a few blocks from Northern Clay Center).  I especially love the Ancho Diablo (Chocolate Chili) Cake!!  It’s wonderful just plain, or with whipped cream and raspberries!

The Pottery:

I’m presenting a slice of Chocolate Cake on a Maasha Plate — Wheel-thrown (rim altered), stoneware, white slip with ash glazes.  A comfortable, country look for a delightful, rich slice of cake.

The Hot Cocoa I’m serving in a mug by Simon Levin — Wood fired, of course; lovely form, rich color and flame statement.  Simon’s work is gorgeous, sublime. 

Simon Levin is in Gresham, Wisconsin (Mill Creek Pottery).  I certainly suggest a visit to his Web Site —

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