Chili Nite at Northern Clay Center

Mid-winter is a great time for Chili in Minnesota!!  Tonight was Chili Nite at Northern Clay Center.  So many different Chili’s; so many people tasting and sampling.  There were about twenty different types of Chili — Meat Chili’s, non-Meat Chili’s, an Old-World Chili, a New-World Chili, a Chinese Chili….  I don’t know how we ever decided on a favorite — But eventually, the winner was a wonderful Chili Chicken Verde.  I really loved the ‘Mexican’ flavors; I really MUST get that recipe.

The Food:

For my Chili, I prepared a Turkey and Black Bean Chili, served with a Mango Salsa.  I always make my own Chili Paste with Chipotle and Ancho.  The result is a deep dark, earthy, smokey Chili, seasoned with cumin, cinnamon, tequila and lime.  The Mango Salsa, with cilantro, provides a perfect compliment.

The Pottery:

Chili is great in any bowl, but I’m serving in an ‘everyday’  Maasha Bowl — Stoneware, white slip with ash glazes — Comfortable and earthy like the Chili.

I make many of these bowls — They’re a great shape for holding the Chili (and keeping it hot), while allowing room for plenty of  topping — And I like lots of topping, grated cheese as well as Mango Salsa. 

I certainly recommend a visit to Northern Clay’s Web Site; we are so fortunate to have such a clay resource center in the Twin Cities!!  And they’re planning an Ice Cream Social in April —

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