Chicken Teriyaki

 Wow!! — I picked up a cold right after the Holiday, and its taken many weeks to regain any interest in food.  But I’m finally dancing (and cooking) in my kitchen again!  And making new pots in my studio!

The Food:

While it’s still January, I’ve prepared a big batch of Chicken Teriyaki. My Japanese mother-in-law (Rose Tani) would always prepare Chicken Teriyaki (and other Japanese goodies) around New Years — Consequently, Chicken Teriyaki is a winter thing for me!

For my Teriyaki, I use Chicken Thighs, and a not-quite-traditional cooking sauce of Soy, Sake, Honey, Ginger, Lemon, and (the secret ingredient) Orange Juice. I bake for a short while at a high temperature, then long and slow in the oven (again, not so traditional) — It turns out absolutely melt-in-the-mouth tender and tangy/sweet delicious!! I serve with Rice and barely steamed SnowPeas.

Chicken Teriyaki

The Pottery:

I’m serving on a square Maasha Plate — Stoneware, white slip with Ash glaze, a few carved lines (inspired by Japanese Potter, Shozo Michikawa). And the Rice, I’m serving in a Rice Bowl with rich, bronzey Shino glaze. I love to make these plates — They are a perfect size for a Japanese ‘entree’, or a small presentation of sushi.  They’re also a perfect size for an everyday American salad….or sandwich….or pizza slice — But that’s another post.


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