Oyster Stew in the Perfect Bowl

It’s still winter in Minnesota, so I’m thinking of California?

My husband and I enjoy the San Francisco area — We love the city, but we particularly enjoy traveling up the California coast to Point Reyes Beach area. It’s all stunning, gorgeous — It’s also, an oyster-farming area.

The Food:

For a tasty dish for the New Year, I prepared an Oyster Stew based on a Point Reyes favorite. It includes spinach, leek, shiitake mushrooms, and oysters, in a stock of oyster liqueur, rich chicken broth, white wine; then I add a bit of heavy cream — Seasoned with lemon, thyme and crumbled bacon. And, very important, a bit of crusty bread to soak up the broth. Note: I was actually able to get west-coast oysters.

The Pottery:

This Oyster Stew is so special — I’m serving in a bowl by Steven Rolf of River Falls, Wisconsin. He works in a smooth, dark claybody; and always uses the silkiest, satin glazes. Everything Steve makes is ‘perfection’ — And a ‘perfect’ way to serve this Oyster Stew!!

I encourage you to visit Steve’s Web Site — www.scRolfPotter.com

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